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Rachel Cayabyab (aka DJ Lady Spindrift)

rachel_2Rachel Cayabyab (aka DJ Lady Spindrift) became influenced into the world of DJing at the young age of 10. She first witnessed the artform of turntable DJing when visiting her childhood friend, Boston’s own DJ Soulo, when he was at the beginning stages of his craft. This inspired Spindrift to pursue DJing and study the craft of turntablism under Soulo’s wing. It wasn’t until the age of 16, Spindrift got her first Technics 1200 turntable and never looked back since then.

Turntablism has been the foundation of Spindrift’s DJ craft. In addition to the blending and beatmatching, she incorporates scratching, beat juggling, trickmixing and various amounts of creativity in her sets. She has showcased her sets at her high school events, talent shows, and also has been booked to spin private events and house parties. Upon attending the University of New Haven at West Haven, Connecticut, she made her presence known while spinning at the university’s radio station, WNHU 88.7FM.

After graduating from New Haven, Spindrift had returned the Boston area to continue her DJ journey. Her involvement as a DJ covers the general Boston nightlife, live shows and performances, and mobile events. Being a queer DJ, her mark was made in Boston’s LGBTQ scene spinning for prominent organizations such as Dyke Night, Queer Women of Color, and Boston Pride. Spindrift is also a member of the Audio Chemists, a group of DJs, Producers, and artists geared to provide musical talent and experience all over Boston and beyond. Patrons admire Spindrift’s talent, whether it may be her diverse music selection fused with her turntablist background or her energetic/outgoing personality that motivates the crowd.

Lady Spindrift : Universal DJ