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Lady Spindrift Returns

Hey everyone! In case you guys haven’t noticed, I am finally back to spin it up for the summer. Please pardon me for not updating my site for the past month or two. Things have been very difficult for me during those times. Due to a sudden family emergency, I decided to take a hiatus from mid-April to mid-May in order to focus on family related events. I am sure you all may remember the saying, “Family comes first.”

Putting family things aside, I really want to start off by giving a big shoutout to my fellow crew: The Audio Chemists. On Saturday, June 8, DMC Champion and X-Ecutioner Rob Swift will be coming to the Boston area to teach a master DJ class at the Paris Street Gallery (101 Paris Street, Everett, MA) from 1-3pm. Rob Swift will be covering major fundamentals of DJing and Turntablism, as well as give a story of his journey as both a DJ/Turntablist and Producer. A live set by Rob will be performed, followed by a meet and greet for attendees to ask him any questions. Additional information and signups can be found here at the Audio Chemists website. Do not miss out on this amazing event.



For all my LGBTQ folks in the Boston area, we only have less than a week until Pride 2013. Saturday night, I will be spinning up the hottest music for the Boston Pride 2013 Youth Dance. On top of that, this Youth Dance is going to become much bigger than the Valentine’s Day Youth Dance back in February. The Boston Pride 2013 Youth Dance will be located at Boston City Hall (1 City Hall Square, Boston, MA). Presale tickets are only $10 and will be $15 at the door. Additional information about the Youth Dance and Facebook invite can all be found here. For all those under 21 who want to celebrate Boston Pride 2013, you know that this is the place to be.


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